Learn the basics of kayaking and at the same time get an extra perspective on kayak safety.

The course is adapted for those who want to learn to paddle and at the same time want to feel safe when you are out on the water. The course’s focus is security. You will be given the opportunity, under the guidance of an instructor, to practice how to get into the kayak in case the kayak would capsize. You get to try to get up both with the help of comrade rescue and practice on getting up on your own. We go through several different paddle strokes so you can navigate the kayak safely. We also practice paddle technique as well as paddling with and without rudder. This course is equivalent to a try kayaking and continuing course.

Duration: 4,5 hours

Location: The kayak rental at Naven.

Included: Fully equipped kayak, paddle, life jacket, spraydeck and an instructor.

What to bring: Change of clothes (you will get wet), swimwear and towel. Water bottle

Experience: You need to have paddled a few times before, you must be able to swim. Minimum age 18 years or 15 years in the company of a guardian.

Good to know: Not sure what to wear? Dress as you would for a lighter workout. If you use glasses, keep in mind that they can fall off so bring a spectacle cord (We have spectacle cords for sale at the kayak rental). During this course you will get wet.

Good to have: Sunscreen, sunglasses, cap, sandals or slippers, rain jacket or windbreaker. Wetsuit or dry suit if you have one.