The nature and society we live and work in is incredibly important to us at the Naven Outdoor Experience. That is why we try to work with sustainability at all levels: socially, economically and environmentally.

By hiring young people who come from the local area, we want to build up the industry from the grass roots and create commitment and understanding for the hospitality industry among those who will become the new guides and entrepreneurs of the future. By training them in good hospitality and service, we hope to give them a good start in their working life.

It is important for us that we are able to deliver good experiences at nice prices, we therefore calculate our prices before each season and look at how we can do this and still give our guides the salary they deserve. It is extra important for us that the experiences we offer can be enjoyed by families, just because you have less travel money you should not have less fun!

Perhaps the most obvious thing we are working on is the sustainability of food & rubbish, we use organic products and local produce from the countryside on Kållandsö & the surrounding area as far as we can. And the garbage, we sort out what can be reused and recycled. When we offer food and drinks to our guests we do not use disposable plastic, wooden mugs are both nice to drink out of and looks good.

Together we can create a better world! Do you have any tips for us on how we can work even more with sustainability? Please let us know!