For those who want to see and learn more about the area and its history, there is a large range of activities, not far from Navensberg and Kållandsö.

Lidköping – 27 km from Navensberg

Rörstrand – Lidköping is known for its Rörstrand factory. Here you can buy porcelain and most things for the kitchen (Iittala outlet) and also go through the Rörstrand Museum, and see porcelain from all times and how art has developed. Read more here.

Vänermuseet – Come here and learn more about Sweden’s largest lake Vänern. Read more here.

Skara – 48 km from Navensberg

Västergötland Museum – Here you can take part in life in a bygone era. Västergötland Museum’s exhibitions are about life in Skaraborg in ancient and medieval times. Read more here.

Mariestad – 78 km from Navensberg

Göta canal – Many people visit the Göta canal to watch the boats lock, At Norrkvarn there is a mini canal for the children and a cultural trail. Read more here.

Kinnekulle – 47 km from Navensberg

Kinnekulle is known for its cool and unique nature. Here you can both walk, cycle, visit the craft village Falkängen, visit historic Husaby and see the mighty quarry. Read more here.

Vara – 58 km from Navensberg

Vara concert hall – The concert hall has a large and constant range of activities and events. Read more here.

Here you can find everything there is to do in Skaraborg. Click here.