We take you on an exciting trip in the dark where the full moon guides us through the archipelago!

Around the world, people have been amazed and gathered to gaze at the full moon, have you ever seen it from a kayak? We meet up around the fire at our rental center at Naven just before the sun starts to set. There you will receive instructions on how a dry suit works and how we should behave on the water when it gets dark, you will each get a headlamp but we hope that the moon shows the way! Back at Naven, you get a chance to swim with the dry suits before we change into ordinary clothes and have a coffee by the crackling fire before the evening is over. If you want to take the opportunity to stay by the fire after the tour and enjoy the starry sky, feel free to do so!

Duration: 2.5 hours

Location: The kayak rental at Naven

Included: Fully equipped single or double kayak, paddle, dry suit, gloves, hat, shoes, life jacket, spraydeck and guide.

What to bring: 2 undergarments (wool is the best) to wear under the dry suit and warm socks, warm clothes to wear after the paddle.

Experience: You should have paddled some time before and be able to swim.

Good to know: This tour is not suitable for children due to safety reasons, youths from 15 years are welcome. Not sure how much clothing is needed under the dry suit? The dry suit is completely waterproof and windproof and the legs stay warm in the kayak. A regular undergarment is usually enough, if you are frozen you can bring an extra layer. If you wear glasses, keep in mind that they can fall off, put on a pair of glasses. (We have spectacle laces for sale if you do not have).

Good to have: Water bottle